Tufflon Records L.L.C.
What is “Business” ?

Business is simply an exchange between to parties with equal value .. Most business do not prosper because the advocate or owner of that business somewhere, someway forgot about “Value” .. In Essence .. “Always make sure what your offering is valuable in order to attract value” .. -ceo-jj

HipHop Is “Imprisoned” ..

Doing my studies in HipHop music and its culture. I have my very 1st recording department interview on Saturday .. My future soldiers. 

Russell Simmons created an industry designed for corporate business .. Before Russell’s industry was “Purchased” .. The freedom of speech and lyrical expression through HipHop Music has been compromised by its new owners .. “The Entertainment Industry”. 

HipHop is not dead ..  The culture and its foundation is simply “Imprisoned” .. Tufflon Enterprises will free HipHop .. But the soldiers currently in the game are its enemies .. I CEO of Tufflon will “Recruit” new and thirsty soldiers to pick up where Russell Simmons left it .. “In the Hood .. In the clubs .. In the schools .. In the court houses .. In the homes .. In relationships .. Etc. HipHop resides there but its culture has been purchased .. The new Culture is owned by “Tufflon Enterprises & Recordings llc.” .. And I’m proud to be its captain. -jj/ceo

Center City Philadelphia !

Tufflon has found an office in down town Philly. The location can not be disclosed however the office is 37 stories high and is completely suitable for executive / corporate needs. 

Also soon there will be a new website / link to the just of the company. Philly will not know what hit them in 2013 .. Photo’s of the office and newly revealed logo / website is coming very soon.